Shipping Containers to The Pacific Islands

Packaging Requirements When Sending Packages Around the World

To make relocating simpler, pack everything in boxes or crates. We cannot accept any freight that has not been properly packed, unless it is being shipped using our little package service. Avoid using too-light bags or boxes. Every container/crate must also be fully sealed. Palletizing is required when moving many products.

When transporting multiple boxes or crates at once, all pieces should be firmly attached to the pallet using shrink wrap or banding. It is advised that the cargo be covered with cardboard or another kind of protective barrier prior to shrink wrapping or banding. Because your cargo will be combined with that of others, it should be well-protected and packaged.

To avoid the spread of dangerous insects, all foreign exports must use wood that has been heat-treated and stamped with an ISPM 15 stamp. It must bear the IPPC logo. Untreated lumber must be denied for international shipment. There are many different types of wood used to support or brace freight, but these are only a few examples.

Any pallet that is constructed to a height where the load may become unstable during transit should be wrapped in plastic and banded four ways. There must be an official document on company letterhead declaring that all combustible engines have been “Drained and Flushed.”

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