Coin Master Free Spins

The Coin Master is a relatively simpler, casual, base-builder strategic game developed by an Israeli Studio, Moon Active. It’s currently the highest-grossing mobile game in Germany and the UK. The game features a simple gameplay, however, the destructive thrill of the game combined with the monopoly of spins and coins is enhanced when you have to attack, raid, and defend your base against your friends and random strangers on the internet.
The game requires its players to have a strategic approach and yet it’s simpler to play. As an individual, all you need is a little stroke of luck, effective planning, and strong defenses and you’ll be hooked to it at once.

However, the game comes at the expense of obtaining/spending the in-game coins that later narrow down to spins in the Slots Machine. By the end of this article, you’ll have your hands on a detailed guide that’ll not only help you get free spins for Coin Master but also teach you to stay vigilant and stay away from the red flags while you’re in the game. We’ll also try to hook you up with some tips about the Coin Master to get your strategic juices flowing.

Coin Master Free Spins


Here’s How You Can Get Free Spins In Coin Master

Before we move forward, we wanted to hook you up with some of the most basic and convenient ways to obtain spins in the Coin Master. There are a few more ways to obtain free spins but we’ll have to reveal them at a later point in this article since we need you to be vigilant about a few things first.

Scour The Internet For Giveaways

Here’s a truth bomb: Very few people are aware that almost all the games have to be fueled for continuity and publicity one way or another. That’s right. Even the developers of most famous games incline towards an approach of in-game giveaways or third-party giveaways or both, and there’s a totally fine explanation for it: As the number of players in a game increases, the number of players who are exiting the game also does and it generates a scarcity of in-game resources, such as coins, spins, and tokens, etc.

The developers and maintenance teams have to even out the resources inside the game and thus, they have to introduce some kind of giveaways into the game.
So, try searching the internet for coin master free spins and if you’re lucky enough, you will get your hands on a few platforms that give you a chance to claim a few spins/coins on a daily basis.

Inviting Your Facebook Friends

Coin Master provides you an option to invite your Facebook friends to play the game. When one of your friends who accepts your invite, downloads Coin Master, attaches his/her Facebook account to the game, and logs in, the game rewards you 40 spins for free.

Exchanging Gifts With Them

Once your friends start playing the game, you can start exchanging coins and spins with them every day. This will not decrease your existing coins and spins, however, they’ll definitely up in numbers as you receive more gifts.

Be Patient

Another way to score some free spins in the Coin Master is to just wait it out. For every ten hours you wait, your game generates 50 more free spins for your account!

The Meat Of Coin Master: The Slots Machine

Moving forward, one of the most engaging aspects of the Coin Master is the Slots Machine. The Slots Machine is the part of the game where you put your spins to use. The Slots Machine allows you to perform spins and keep count of them.

The Slots Machine comprises of five different symbols and each symbol represents a kind of game mechanic. The reel consists of 5 symbols, if you score 3 same symbols in a row, you win the game mechanic of what that symbol represents.

Here’s a summary of what the symbols in the slots machine represent and what each spin can get you:

Coin Bag: More coins – score one or more bags to win coins!
Energy Capsule: More spins – score an entire row of these to win more spins!
Shield: Strong defense – allows you to defend your base from attacks. (Doesn’t protect from raids)
Hammer: Launch attack – score an entire row of these to launch an attack or take revenge.
Pig Bandit: Make a raid – score an entire row of these to have the ability to make a raid on your enemies. (Helps steal coins from your competitors)

The Correlation Of Coins and Spins

The bottom line for including this section is that everything in the Coin Master revolves around spending and obtaining coins. If you have the budget for it, you can just buy the game coins with a couple of bucks. But, we realize that not everyone wants to spend money on games. If that’s the case with you, there are three primary ways that can get you free coins in this game.

1) By attacking your enemies
2) By raiding your enemies
3) By winning coins in a spin

If you want to perform one of the above actions, you will have to perform a spin in the Slots Machine. That’s how coins and spins work in this game. You get spins from coins and you get even more coins from spins.

Another way you can get your hands on more spins is by spending your existing account coins to buy chests. According to Moon Active, the developers of this game, each card type has a unique probability to get you more spins! You can earn cards by opening up chests and each collection will contain 9 cards. As soon as you have one complete collection, you will be rewarded with a huge number of coins, spins, pets, and even more.

Some Red Flags About Getting Free Spins That You Must Know

Now that you have a handful of details about Coin Master and the monopoly of spins and coins in the game, let’s discuss some red flags around this topic.
At some point, most Coin Master enthusiasts want to get their hands on free spins – we get it, it’s the game. We get that it’s engaging and full of thrill. But, you have to be vigilant because a lot of people out there try going for unethical means to score free spins and coins and ultimately end up with termination of their account.

Imagine being at the highest village (level) among your friends and let’s say you happened to come across a hack/way to get you free spins. Now, is it really worth the risk to go for it? We’d never suggest that you opt for an unethical way to score free spins and coins. It’s not only unethical and unfair to other players in the game, but it will also get you permanently banned from the game.

Some websites offer such solutions but they aren’t feasible and in no way genuine. You have been warned.

A Few More Tips and Tricks To Get You Going

Before we sum up, here are a few additional tips to help you get more coin master free spins:

Card Trading System: The game allows you to send up to five cards to your friends every day. So, if you have that going with a couple of people from your friend list on a regular basis, you will never actually need to look for ways to get extra spins.

Join Coin Master Communities: In addition to playing with your friends, look up the internet and find some coin master gaming communities. Play with other people and collaborate. Someone you find there may have that golden card that you were looking for, and vice versa.

Participate In Events To Earn Extra Spins/Coins: Be on the lookout for the event challenges. That’ll help you generate spins in bulk!

Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire Chests – Fixed/High Probability Spin Rewards: When buying a chest, see if you can gather enough to buy a ruby, emerald, or sapphire chest. The more expensive the chest is, the higher rewards it’s going to yield.

Don’t Stock Your Coins – Spend Them: That’s a classic rookie mistake, a lot of newbies start hoarding the coins. If you have millions of coins and you’re not purchasing anything from them, you’re just making yourself vulnerable to big raids. We’d suggest you to always make relevant purchases as soon as you have the required number coins.

Try To Have Some Shields On – Save Yourself From Enemy Raids: A shield allows you to reduce the number of coins your enemies are going to loot you off during a raid. You can get these in the Slots Machine. This practice will save you a lot of coins that you can later use to buy spins!

We hope that our guide has helped you grab a thing or two about Coin Master. Please feel free to implement all our tips and tricks for coin master free spins. We’ve made sure to only ship the ideas that are ethical.

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